Welcome to [ MOTO ]

We are an international gaming community with players from all over Europe
born from the passion for MilSim and Survival Open-World Games

What is [ MOTO ]

Moto is an idea, the idea to gather players from all over the world and reunite them here without any kind of discrimiation. No matter who you are or from where you come be welcome and enjoy your stay with us.

The people behind the idea

Everything start from a bunch of old gamers in love with the ArmA series, Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3, Battlefiled 4, Dayz Epoch, Dayz Standalone ...... and the will to see where this passion can lead. We started to explore MilSim and Survival (both open and closed world) almost 20 years ago. 


We want to grow and to see our friends grow with us. Gaming is only a way to keep people toghether, is not the game, is the friendship and the potential that everyone can put on our community the objective we see,

The Community and the Games

Our Games

[MOTO] Games - hosts Rust Servers, amongst many upcoming dedicated servers, like Arma 3, Squad, Dayz , Minecraft, and a lot more....

Social presence

You can find us on Steam , Discord, Whatsapp, TeamSpeak3, Twitch, Twitter and Youtube

Our Hardware and skills

Servers ours and hosted ones, internet lines, tecnologies and personal skills

Streamer Friendly

You are a streamer ? You want to become one ? We are happy to host you on our platforms and provide all the help you need

Strong bonds

Our community base is strong and the bonds within us are solid and based upon mutual trust and respect. We want to see our community grow and becone strong and happy.

Donators and V.I.P Plans

For who wants to do more for the community, and become a sponsor, we can provide boost VIP Perks both standardized and personal plans

Contact us @ motogames.no

Use this form to get in touch with us via email IF you cannot join our Discord or TeamSpeak Server our Forum or reach any of our Ingame Admin or Moderator.